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Instructor: Iony Patriota de Siqueira, D.Sc.

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Master (Honours) in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Information Systems, and a Registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering with over 35 years experience in protection, automation and maintenance management. Distinguished Member and International chairman of CIGRE Study Committee on Protection and Automation, Brazilian representative in the Technical Committee 57 of IEC, convenor of ABNT Study Commission on Management and Information Exchange in Power Systems, and a member of IEEE. A post-graduate teacher at UFPE and UPE, recipient of Brazilian Engineering Award and the commendations Technical Committee Award and Distinguished Member from CIGRE. Author of four books, Advisor of ABRAMAN, Director of Maintenance Institute of Brazil (IMAB) and President of Tecnix Engineering and Architecture Ltd.


A structured methodology for planning security countermeasures against cyber attacks to any physical asset or production process of future electrical networks. Oriented to Critical Infrastructure Protction (CIP), it is currently applied in many social, industrial, service, civilian or military sectors, regardless of technology.


Provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge to enable them to deploy, maintain and evaluate a Cybersecurity plan in Electrical Power Systems, or in any Industrial, Military, Civil, Commercial,  Building and Services Installations in accordance with the IEC, ISO, NIST, CIGRE and current military standards.


Critical Infrastructure Networks, including Energy, Steel, Mining, Aviation, Metallurgy, Transportation, Computers, Automotive Parts, Sanitation, Oil, Telecommunications, Automation, Civil, Stationery, Paper, Retail, Service, Chemical, Mechanical, Banks, Logistics, Hospitals, Textiles and any enterprize or critical infrastructure using physical assets.

Target Audience

Managers, Planners, CIOs,  Engineers, Designers, Consultants, Accountants, Technicians, Supervisors, Architects, Students, Administrators and Supervisors of Planning, Design, Maintenance and Operation of Production Facilities in Civil, Military, Industrial and Commercial Building Services.

Teaching Resources

Multimedia Projections, Educational Kit, Slides, Posters, Movies, Cybersecurity Forms, Cybersecurity Plans, Cybersecurity Software, Computer Simulation, Case Studies.


Pdf files of slides and forms for cybersecurity planning

Program Content
1. Introduction

    1.1. Introduction
    1.1.1. Instructor
    1.1.2. References
    1.1.3. Schedule

    1.2. Overview of CyberSecurity
    1.2.1. Cybersecurity Planning
    1.2.2. Types of Protections
    1.2.3. Basic Questions
    1.2.4. Implementation Sequence

2. Cyber Threats and Impact Analysis

    2.1. Scope
    2.1.1. System Identification
    2.1.2. Function Definition
    2.1.3. Documentation of Functions

    2.2. Cyber Incidents
    2.2.1. Incident Classification
    2.2.2. Incident Identification
    2.2.3. Incident Documentation

    2.3. Cyber Threats
    2.3.1. Identification of Threats
    2.3.2. Classification of Vulnerabilities
    2.3.3. Documentation of Threats

    2.4. Cyber Incident Impacts
    2.4.1. Identification of Failure Impacts
    2.4.2. Classification of Failure Impacts
    2.4.3. Documentation of Failure Impacts

3. Cybersecurity Planning

    3.1. Cyber Failure Risks
    3.1.1. Significant Functions
    3.1.2. Decision Logic
    3.1.3. Documentation of Risks

    3.2. Cybersecurity Countermeasures
    3.2.1. Applicability and Effectiveness
    3.2.2. Risk Limitation
    3.2.3. Risk  Detection
    3.2.4. Risk  Recovery
    3.2.5. Risk Assurance
    3.2.6. Risk Assumption
    3.2.7. Risk Avoidance
    3.2.7. Cybersecurity Architecture

    3.3. Selection of Cybersecurity Countermeasures
    3.3.1. Safety / Environment Evident Impact
    3.3.2. Safety / Environment Hidden Impact
    3.3.3. Operational / Economic Evident Impact
    3.3.4. Operational / Economic Hidden Impact
    3.3.5. Documentation of Selection Process

4. Implementation and Deployment

    4.1. Implementation Process
    4.1.1. Organization and Responsibilities
    4.1.2. Implementation Plan

    4.2. Deployment Process
    4.1.4. Methodological Procedures
    4.1.4. Computing Resources

5. Evaluation

    5.1. Instructor
    5.2. Handouts
    5.3. Local


Included: Educational material, pdf file with slides (in English) and coffee break.
Transportation, Food and Lodging:  borne by the participants.
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