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bulletWork Group Reference Term
bullet Questions and Comments

On-Line References

bulletCigré on the Web
bulletCigré-Brasil on the Web
bulletStudy Committee B5
bulletTecnix on the Web


bulletInternational Electrotechnical Commission
Progress Reports

Task Force Creation

bulletWork Group Creation Form
bulletWork Group Reference Term

First Meeting

bulletRecife (Brazil) from February, 15 to 16th, 2007
bullet Minutes of Meeting
bulletIony Presentation
bullet Apostolov Presentation
bullet Vasconcelos Presentation
bullet Mesmaeker Presentation
bullet Technical Brochure Template
bulletXML Test Schema
bulletXML Test Example
bullet Apostolov Movie

Second Meeting

bulletBethlehem (USA) from July, 25th to 27th, 2007
bullet Second Meeting Agenda
bullet Minutes of Second Meeting
bullet Technical Brochure First Draft
bulletBruce Presentation
bullet Iony Presentation - Chapter 4
bullet Alex Presentation - Chapter 5
bullet Dennis Presentation - Chapter 8
bullet Dennis Presentation- Recommended Guide
bullet Iony Presentation - Appendice A
bullet Iony Presentation - Appendice B
bullet Iony Presentation - Appendice C

Third Meeting

bulletMadrid (Spain), October, 15th, 2007
bullet Third Meeting Agenda
bulletIony Presentation
bullet Minutes of Third Meeting
bullet Techinical Brochure Second Draft
bullet Questions Second Draft

Fourth Meeting

bulletKlaus (Austria), February, 11th to 13th, 2008
bulletFourth Meeting Agenda
bullet Minutes of Fourth Meeting
bullet Technical Brochure Third Draft
bullet Technical Brochure Fourth Draft
bullet Electra Paper First Draft
bulletChesf Presentation
bulletKema Presentation
bulletKinectrics Presentation
bulletMyong University Presentation
bulletNari Presentation
bullet Omicron Presentation
bulletZiv Presentation

Fifth Meeting

bulletParis (France), August, 25th, 2008
bulletFifth Meeting Agenda
bullet Minutes of Fifth Meeting
bullet Technical Brochure Final Draft
bullet Electra Paper Final Draft
bullet Report to SC B5
bullet Work-Group Convening Notice
bullet Venue Map and Information









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