Study Committee B5 - Work Group B5.32

Functional Testing of IEC 61850 Based Systems

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The on going work within WG B5.11 The Introduction of IEC61850 and its Impact on Protection and Control within Substations indicates the need of specific definitions on how to perform and evaluate the results of functional tests of IEC61850 based systems. Such evaluations are beyond the WG B5.11 scope and time schedule.


WG B5.32 shall report on how functional testing shall be performed in IEC61850 based systems. The report shall cover functional testing from IEDs to overall systems.

Six main areas shall be focused:

  1. Functional testing of IEC61850 based systems

  2. Distributed application testing

  3. Overall system testing

  4. Use of SCL (Substation Configuration Language) for the testing

  5. Functional test system requirements and definitions

  6. Functional testing considerations to be taken into account in the specification

Conformance (type and interoperability) testing of IEC61850 based systems (and IEDs) will not be focused as they are already covered by module 10 of IEC61850. All IEDs will be assumed to conform to this standard.

bulletParticipants from Brazil, USA, France, Australia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, China, Korea, India, Netherlands
bulletMeeting opening by Chairman of SC.B5
bulletVenue of first meeting at Recife Palace Hotel
bulletVenue of second meeting in Bethlehem, USA
bulletVenue of third meeting in Madrid, Spain
bulletVenue of fourth meeting in Klaus, Austria
bulletVenue of fifth meeting in Paris, France
bulletInclusion of a Reference Term for the Work Group
bulletInclusion of the Technical Brochure Final Draft
bulletInclusion of the Electra Paper Final Draft
bulletJanuary 2007 - Task Force Installation
bulletFebruary 15 to 16th, 2007 - First Meeting - Brazil
bulletJuly 25 to 27th, Bethlehem - USA
bulletOctober 15th - Third Meeting -  Madrid - Spain
bulletFebruary 11th to 13th - Fourth Meeting - Klaus - Austria
bulletAugust 25th - Fifth Meeting - Paris - France
bulletApproval of final drafts of  Technical Brochure and Electra Paper
bulletmore ...

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