Tecnix Engineering and Architecture Ltd.


develops research and development with various partners and customers in different areas of knowledge related to Engineering, Architecture, Systems, Management and Planning. For more information on each of these projects, select the company or project below.

Risk and Performance Analyzer of Critical Infrastructure Networks

  • Performance Analysis and Risk in the Energy Sector, Oil, Gas, Water, Finance, Logistics, Communications, Sanitation and Essential Services

Project of a methodology for Functional Testing of IEC61850 Based Systems

Project of a methodology for maintenance of power transformers

  • Coordination of a Research Group (Reliability-Centered Maintenance of Substations) on Application of Reliability-Centered Maintenance to Liquid Immersed Insulator Power Transformers. A research project that resulted in the publication of a brochure by CIGRE Brazil number 005

Building design using plasterboard partitions

  • Research project and development of simulation models and optimization of use of plasterboard partitions for buildings.


Risk and performance evaluation of Electrical Power Systems

  • Model development for simulation and optimization of risk and performance in large networks for generation, transmission and distributions of electrical energy.

Modeling, analysis and optimization of performance of protection systems

  • Model development and simulation for optimization of maintenance of protection and automation of electrical systems