Tecnix Engineering and Architecture Ltd.


Tecnix develops software and methodologies related to Engineering, Architecture, Systems, Management and Planning. For more information on each product, please select the project below.

Tecnix IMCC
 R$ 599,00
Abacus shaped as an Hexagonal Pyramid, for selection of Reliability-Centered Maintenance activities, and optimization of frequency.
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Tecnix PEE

Software for Corporate Strategic Planning, Process Modeling and Project Management

Tecnix Infra

Risk and Performance Analizer of Critical Infrastructure Networks

Performance Analysis and Risk in the Energy Sector, Oil, Gas, Water, Finance, Logistics, Communications, Sanitation and Essential Services


Tecnix RCM

Software to support the implementation of Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Tecnix RCM Motor

Complete example of application of Reliability-Centered Maintenance to Internal Combustion Engines

Integrated software for Design and Documentation of Systems Based on IEC 61850